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Barium Sulfate Natural (HTN-NS)
   Barium Sulfate Natural (HTN-NS)
Chemical formula: BaSO4
Molecular weight: 233.39
Specific gravity:4.0- 4.5
Appearance and properties: white rhombic crystal. Relative density: 4.50 (15 ℃)
Melting point: 1580 ℃
Solubility: insoluble in water, alcohol and other solvents, but soluble in hot sulfuric acid.



Main contents (DIN.EN.ISO.3262, PT.2)


Mean grain size D50 (SC. method)


Oil absorption (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.10)


Dry brightness (ISO.7724)


PH value (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.9)


Volatility at 105 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.2)



HOTEN ULTRA- FINE HTN Series is Natural Barium Sulfate (Barite powder) , as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration. 


ULTRA-FINE HTN Series Natural Barium Sulfate purity is high, BASO4 content up to 93-95%,  whiteness is more than 91%,  the special  crystal structure and chemical composition, which has high removal rate of light, it makes the final product colour and lustre is bright,  high gloss,   weatherability lasting,  absorb radiation ability  and  other performance.


As inert pigment can make the paint, coating has excellent levelling property, and at the same time, make more thin film, more dense. It widely used in coating industry, such as paint,  primer,  powder  coatings,  high  solid paint,  latex  paint  and  all  kinds of  paint industry,  it  also  as  a  function filler applicated in plastic,  ceramic,  friction  material, radiation material and rubber products, etc.

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