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Have you ever wanted to study AppleScript, but learn better by tinkering? Do you know some AppleScript, but would like to lean about incorporating POSIX paths and UNIX command lines tools within your script? Part development tool, part learning tool, Magic Script Creator is the answer! You can even choose to compile your script with line by line remarks, and produce the UNIX manual file for command line tools in an easy to read PDF! 

There is no need to have any knowledge of AppleScript to start with. Magic Script Creator has 24 different examples than can be configured hundreds of different ways! All you have to do is answer some questions about each example, and Magic Script Creator will do the rest. It will create a fully functional AppleScript based on the parameters you answered. Most of the examples will involve using UNIX command line tools buried deep in Mac OS X, and Magic Script Creator will automatically resolve AppleScript paths with POSIX paths. It will even name your script based on the specific parameters that you answered! 

The following examples are included: 

AppleScript Bundle, Audio Converter, Burn Folders, Classic Encoding, Combine Tiffs, Copy Files, Disk Image, Document Converter, Dock Manager, Eject Disks, Finder Windows, FTP Upload, Hide Files, Image Converter, Move Files, Numbers Game, PDF Creator, Prevent Sleep, RAM Disk, Record Docs, Screen Capture, Search Directories, Shutdown Manager, Sync Folder 

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